Vilano body womp

I got to experience some pretty great body surfing waves today with a few very good friends at Vilano. The sun shone and then the sky rained, the tide became very high and we all picked shells out of our ears. I’ve still got sand wedged into the corners of my eyes. Weird. There’s nothing like a good body womp to clear your head!

I just got a little Lumix DMC-TS1 as an early birthday present and tried it out for the first time in the water today. I’m still getting use to the timing, but had a lot of fun shuttering away. The lens gets pretty foggy/smeared/water-dropleted sometimes and makes images look like they’re part of a cheesy Barbara Walters special, but sometimes it’s kind of interesting.
I took some photography classes in college, but I still prefer just randomly snapping photos and seeing what happens from there.
Also, I’m working on a big project for October called 31 days/31ways.

More details to come…


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