31 days/ 31 ways: "It's not the wave, it's the surfer"

Happy October!

Yew! Day one has been surfed, filmed, edited, and uploaded.
(I cannot believe how long video editing takes!)

I rode a big ‘ole Hansen 50/50 today. The waves were pretty tiny, but Rachel and I still had a blast. The first day of October brought much cooler temperatures that are absolutely lovely.

Unfortunately, YouTube is not the highest quality source for movie watching, so a lot of the really beautiful highlights and lens flares don’t really translate, but, so it goes.

See ya tomorrow!



  1. yayy its beautiful! what a success! not that i expected any less from you…i cannot wait to check your blog every day to see new videos! ❤

  2. now i have two surf reports to check everyday; one that feeds my desire for cold objectivity and one that makes me feel thoroughly stoked through every fiber of my body! keep on rockin' and i'll see you on the outside!

  3. You guys have the best attitude. Nice work, I haven't yet fully explored your blog but after watching this I intend to. Peace.

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