31 days/ 31 ways: "sweeping the sea" aka "no SUPper for you"

Today I rode a yellow 10′ hand-shaped Merrick Stand Up Paddle board.
It was my first time SUPing and I was certainly humbled by the experience. I started to get the hang of it after overcoming spontaneous bouts of wobbles. I was surprised by what a fun and unique perspective standup paddle-boarding offers. Being up so high, virtually standing on the surface of the water, gives one a great vantage point for taking in the surrounding beauty.

Thanks to Chuck Lanham for showing Rachel and I which way to hold the paddle and to the Belgian lads for letting us borrow their air mattress.



  1. this looks incredibly fun. i was reminded of how much i love the wipeout as well as the ride. it looked like the big boards took the most meager of the ocean's gifts and sailed upon them brilliantly. bravo to you and your friends, especially the generous belgians for sharing their inflatable!

  2. Hey, great idea what your doing all this month. Don't forget to include riding on a hollow-wood board. They glide like nothing else…Many people around the globe are rediscovering this lost board-building method that Tom Blake introduced back in the 1930s."Just Google It!"Mahalo and Aloha

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