31 Days/ 31 Ways: "Foundry Stoke"

Day four features the all-encompassing stoke of The Foundry Surf Team, a community of surfers that meets weekly in St. Augustine, FL.

I really broke the whole “31 Ways” theme today by riding three or four different boards, but I’m not really committed to any rules with this project.

I rode a Hansen “The Master” model log from the 60’s, a Walden 8’0, a board shaped by one of the Foundry kids’ dad, and my longboard, Daphne.

It seemed like there was a bit more swell today, which is promising for the hope of not only exploring the realm of longboarding in the month of October. I can’t complain for a second though, it was a warm, sunny day, and the water is still 80 degrees (F).



  1. Good to see you got a little more wave today; keep it up!You mentioned earlier that youtube wasn't the best for video quality. If you put up a paypal donation link I'll bet you can get enough for a vimeo.com plus account ($60 a year). I know I'll chip in.

  2. yay lauren, editor extrodinaire!!! I loved the cut from the surfing to the underwater shot of you and the girls. Keep spreading the stoke! Much love – from strange and mysterious waters – Rachel

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