31 Days/ 31 Ways: "Coy Harvest Moon" part 1

Photographs by Daniel Florez

We are currently under the watch of the Harvest Moon. That is, the moon at its fullest near the autumnal equinox. In the northern hemisphere, the Harvest Moon occurs in October only once every four years. Defined by its warm, burnt-orange glow during ascension, the Harvest Moon is so named because, historically, it has been bright enough to allow farmers to bring in their crops long after the sun had set.

I am no farmer, but I set out last evening to enjoy the harvest of gentle waves in the Atlantic Ocean. A front began moving in yesterday afternoon, laying a soft blanket of cloud cover from horizon to horizon. T’was not till quite late that the clouds began to pass and the moon, hanging high, burst into full luminosity. Only later to be obscured by another band of clouds.
Well into the night I played in the sea with two amazing friends, Chase Long and Daniel Florez. Lit by the coy Harvest Moon, we caught waves, played with cameras, and marveled at the amazing trails of phosphorescence that our limbs created in the dark sea. My feet, swept through the clear water, left momentary glimpses at a far away galaxy, it seemed, tiny green stars made only for a moment.
Below are a few photos from the night. I rode Daniel’s 9’6 Warrior Longboard (made locally in St. Augustine by the lovely Autrey clan).
All are product of the creative genius of Daniel Florez.
More photos to come soon…..

For more about Daniel Florez and his keen eye for capturing moments,
check out:




  1. merci beaucoup for including me in this wonderful series! i loved every moment out there in the light of the harvest moon. thank you dan for the beautiful shots!

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