31 Days / 31 Ways: "Rich With Love"

Day 21 of 31 Days/ 31 Ways was spent with my longtime friend and longboarding extraordinaire Mikee Paton. We did not find optimal conditions in which to film today, as it was drifty and very choppy, but we had a great time sharing waves.

Mikee was one of my surfing mentors when I was younger. He’s only two years older than I, but he was instrumental in developing my passion for logging and my appreciation for stylish surfing. It was difficult to find someone to film with today with the conditions being really sloppy and choppy (we actually didn’t see anyone else in the water), but Mikee had a great attitude and surfed well despite the challenging conditions.
Today we rode Mikee’s mom’s beautiful (but well used) 9’6 Hobie and my 5’10 Channel Islands single fin.


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