31 Days / 31 Ways: "Spooky Surf"

Day 31, Halloween, was spent spookily surfing in costume with a slew of friends.

31 Days/ 31 Ways has been a momentous adventure, thanks so much for your support.
Stay tuned for unused footage, outtakes, and reflections from behind the scenes of our 31 webisodes and keep an eye out for future projects–Rachel and I would love to take 31 Ways on the road!


  1. Merci beaucoup for doing the 31 Days/ 31 Ways project. It was great to follow your adventures for the month. You kept the stoke flowing the the whole month.

  2. Fitting 31 days/31 ways "At The Zoo" musical ending, as your films have touched on a "60's" surfing chord and narrating flavor with each passing editing day. Thanks for the stoke.

  3. Looks like some great waves for the final day of the adventure. Thanks for putting this project out there – I've been really enjoying each entry this month. It's inspired me to try using some different boards from the quiver!DavePerth, Australia

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