We made it…

After two car rides, a bus trip, five airplanes and a whole lot of hauling our stuff around airports we made it safely to our home for the nonce, which is lovingly referred to as The Farm. We’ve been adjusting to life here, warm and wet as it has been, for the past few days. Lots of rain, but we’ve already enjoyed some fun surfs and are relaxing into life spent mostly outdoors, in the ocean or listening to the gurgle of the creek that we sleep next to.

When we finally had our board bag weighed in the Sydney airport we found that it weighed about 105 pounds. That’s about 26 pounds more than they allow in any one bag, so we had to take as much stuff out as possible and stuff it into a big plastic bag to be loaded separately.



  1. Hope you aren’t bogged in at ‘The Farm’? Sounds like you are having fun? Good on you!
    I have tried to call that number you gave me, but keeps saying “number not connected”.
    I have the footage here ready to go. Give me a call. Mick

  2. Hey, I’m studying abroad in Oz right now, actually in the Byron Bay area. The program I;m on is called “Sustainability and Environmental Action.” As part of the program, I’m working on a project to compile a booklet aimed at getting more surfers to live in sustainable ways. I’d really like to talk via phone/email/in person if you’re down. Been reading through your blog and I think we are on the same page. If you’re interested just shoot me an email or facebook me or something. Thanks, good luck!

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