31 Days / 31 Ways: "Secret Circus"

I know it’s absurdly crowded most of the time, but I love this place so much….



  1. another magical day for the mermaid princess dancing on a longboard with her artistic eye dolphin friend in the water.

  2. Just thought you should know…

    I have a 21 month old son who insists on watching this particular episode(which he refers to as “my surfing”) of your 31 days opus at least a couple of times a day. I think it’s the song.

    I enjoy your blog and am actually visiting St. Augustine towards the end of May. I hope there’ll be a little swell for me to play on.

    1. Daniel, The story about your son made my day. We listened to that song a couple of times a day as well so I completely understand the feeling.

      I hope you get some waves when you come down as well. It’s been tiny, brown, semi-choppy and totally free from crowds since I’ve been back. While the expectations are to have been entirely spoiled by Australia, I’ve been having a great time accepting the Atlantic’s offerings. The proper equipment is key.

  3. Rachel,

    Glad it made your day. He just demanded it again.

    Your footage made me jealous. You take what the Atlantic gives. I know this lesson all too well, as I live in the Northeast, wear rubber constantly(still in a 4/3) and rarely use anything besides a longboard.

    Looking forward to wearing trunks.

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