31 Days / 31 Ways: "We Couldn't Resist"

The wind has continued to howl, but the rain has stayed away for the past few days. With the wind in full force, we’ve only had a few options for not-so-out-of-control surfing, so we’ve basically been sticking with the same surf spot for the past few days.

We’re heading to Noosa tomorrow to cover the surfing festival and all the fun that comes with it, so stay tuned!



  1. There is absolutely nothing remotely interesting in your recent videos….what happened to riding different surfboards (31 ways?). All the videos now are you guys talking about the ocean and longboarding a knee high wave. wtf?

    1. Billy,

      Thanks for the comment. We work with whatever the ocean gives us. It’s been knee high and loggable, so that’s what we’ve been doing.


    1. Hi Leif, we use a Panasonic Lumix sometimes but lately we’ve been filming with this fancy new Panasonic HVX200, sometimes in a water housing. It’s a lot larger so it takes a lot more work and preparation but we are very stoked with the image quality! Thanks for checking out the videos, Rachel

  2. Hey, thanks for the info. and also for sharing your videos with us. I really enjoy watching them. The waves look so fun and chill over there compared to the Lake of Mexico haha…


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