Lady exhibition…

My world has recently been opened to the amazing proliferation and diversity of female surfer/artists. I’ve written here about the lack of female representation within mainstream surfing media, but even more dire is the lack of women’s perspectives in that same realm. Lately I’ve been getting to spend time with some amazing women who make interesting/beautiful/expressive/strange artwork. The women I’ve been hanging with are all at varying levels of notoriety and run in different circles, but they are all women making surf-influenced artwork, that is incredibly inspiring to me.


I had the distinct honor of getting to shoot on the farm with NYC based photographer Joni Sternbach. Her images are ethereal and piercing, dated in technique, but timeless in content. I’ll post my photos from behind the scenes of the shoot soon. Here’s the winning image of my beautiful man friend from her morning on the farm, using a lens dating back to the 1850s :



“Joni Sternbach is a talented New York photographer who captures iconic images of surfers using a traditional photographic process called tin-type using a wet collodion. She travels throughout the year casting subjects for her project ‘SurfLand.'”

Check out Liquid Salt’s interview with Joni HERE


by Margaux Arramon-Tucoo

It’s the time of year here in Byron that traveling longboarders make there way down from the Noosa festival of surfing to spend some time free surfing at Le Passage. It would be easy to complain about the influx of blow-ins (but who am I to do that?) and the especially crowded line-up, but mostly it’s amazing to get to see so many talented surfers with such diverse styles doing their thing on the same wave.

by Margaux Arramon-Tucoo

A few friends have come to stay on the farm with me, one of which being a young French artist/logger Margaux Arramon-Tucoo. Margaux is sweet, but cheeky, pensive, but playful. She is a joy to spend time and space with, especially when she leaves a trail a beautiful creations around the farm. Check out Margaux’s blog: The Fresh Area.


The Heart Attack by Margaux Arramon-Tucoo


Most recently, I have been in touch with iconic surf artist Susan Wickstrand regarding an upcoming exhibition for which she will use some of Todd Glaser’s images of me– about which I am very flattered and excited. Susan crafts vibrant collages of ocean-themed imagery that you’ve undoubtedly encountered. She’s a conscious voice for women within mainstream surfing culture, asserting her feminine perspective into the heart of Southern California surf culture and beyond. Here’s her rendition of a classic photo of Gerry Lopez:


To learn more about the work of Susan Wickstrand, check out: or


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