Andrew Crockett, eccentric writer and trove of surfing-related knowledge, will soon release his 3rd book Acumen.

“The Acumen book is 31 thought provoking and inspiring questions we all ask ourselves at some point in our lives. We’ve put those questions to 40 very different people from all corners of the globe.”

Since I have in fact answered the questions, I can tell you that most of them are indeed thought provoking. Plus, I can’t wait to read what others wrote. I reckon before you get this book you should go through and answer each question for yourself and then read what others wrote (and see if your opinions change).

AC’s previous books include the mammoth Switch-Foot duo of books that explore the non-cmopetitive, not-so-mainstream sections of surfing as they relate to music, art, and diverse surf crafts.

Contributors to Acumen include:

a rockstar, wizard, policeman, doctor, comedian, artist, boilermaker, stockbroker, great grandmother, a ten year old kid, teacher, surfer, pioneering horsewoman, ecofeminist*, yogi, monk, film maker, actress, software developer, mermaid, author, equestrian champion, marketing manager, zenthai therapist, aboriginal elder, supermodel, fashion designer, entertainer, student, writer, priest, jazz musician, vet, Maori, tour guide, yoga instructor, photographer, environmental activist, professional surfer, a high school student and even a postman.

Contributors hail from Australia, New Zealand, America, England, Denmark, Africa, Hawaii, Brazil, Barbados, Japan and Germany.


*that’s me.



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