the circus and the wave

It’s always refreshing to read thoughtful words….even if they are from an energy drink website.

Jordan Tappis meets legend Robert Slater

JT: If you were a shrink trying to get a handle on Kelly Slater, how would you describe him in clinical terms?

KS: Obsessive compulsive disorder mixed with a little borderline addictive personality disorder when it comes to things he loves. Kelly’s used surfing as a replacement for intimacy and stability, and goes from being very present one minute to seemingly aloof the next. He’s a pretty complex case study because he lives a lot of different lives in the sense that he travels a ton, and his surroundings and friends are constantly changing. I don’t think I’ve ever done an interview in third person. Maybe I’ll try this more often.

JT: Do you believe in love?

KS: Absolutely. There is nothing else to believe in.


Read the full Kelly Slater interview:




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