Gearing up…

Transparentsea 2011 kicks off in just over a week.

It’s a beautiful rainy day here in Florida, a perfect time to pack, relax and enjoy time with loved ones. It’s pretty much been the most consistent month of surf (really good surf!) that I’ve experienced in Florida in quite some time. Minus the vicious moon jellies that had been lingering, it’s been an incredible time to be home.

Off to California in a few days. I’ve not spent much time there. It’s funny, as East Coasters we’re always taught to idealize Southern California as the beachy keen surfing holy grail of mainland USA. I guess it is in terms of surfing culture. All the companies build their empires there and whatnot.

Anyway, as a spoiled Floridian I’m not particularly looking forward to the cold water. The water temp in Southern California is currently about 20 degrees Fahrenheit colder than it is in Florida. The water is 82F (28C) here!  So, call me a wuss, but I’m packing my 4/3, booties, gloves and heat vest. haha. I’m serious though.

I got to take one of our Transparentsea sailing kayaks out in Australia a few months ago and I was surprised by how wet you get. I thought I’d be up high and dry. Not so. You’re down low, close to the water and (if there’s wind or swell) you’re pretty much getting splashed in the face with water the whole time. Which is awesome, unless you are a cold water phobic Floridian like myself. So, preparing I am.



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