On taking off wetsuits…

In reality, it’s never really flattering, is it? I mean, you inevitably end up hunched over trying to pry your ankles out, your torso all squished together, grunting sounds ensue as you attempt to keep balance. It’s not really that pretty.

Here’s an interesting article from Tetsuhiko Endo at The Inertia about Wetsuit Strippers and Body Image. Basically it’s his commentary on a very sexualized how-to video by a men’s magazine on removing a wetsuit. It’s funny. And the video kind of is, too.

I can’t imagine why they didn’t put the beautiful lady in a full suit.


1 Comment

  1. that would be so much funnier and realistic with a full suit. .. maybe you can do a realitic version, freezing your bones off around a sunset campfire in LA next week? with love from, sorry, not elle…..andrew

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