Transparentsea day 1

Six sand colored boats sailed south, in the brightest of blue water, refreshingly cool, along the arid scape of coastal California.

After months of preparation and dreaming we finally set sail today on our voyage down the California coast. Having been hosted and generously housed by an incredible couple and young waterman Chadd, we held a beach clean up at Gaviota pier, shared thanks and gratitude for everyone involved and finally put out beautiful crafts into the water.

It was a flawless day. Crystal clear sunshine and nourishing warmth. And apparently it was virtually the least windy day of the year. So, we pretty much peddled the entirety of the 11 mile journey past some the last remaining significant stretch of coastline in Southern California.

It was my second time sailing in my life and I definitely had some nerves about not having much experience on the crafts (or with sailing in general). But as soon as we got the ships into the water, all of my concerns melted away, replaced by the joy of being on the ocean with amazing friends and nothing to do but  move with the wind.

And, being the only gal amongst some wonderfully fezzy men, I was struck today by what wonderful men I get to spend the next month with. Truly inspiring, compassionate, funny, loving, ocean human beings.

Only 22 days remaining.




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