Marine Mammal Care Center of LA

Some of we Transparentsea crew made a visit to The Marine Mammal Care Center in LA County to donate a couple of car trunks worth of supplies. We got to spend some time observing the beautiful seals currently in rehab at the center, watching them play and feed in the sun. We were saddened to learn about the challenges facing pinnipeds in the area.


The Marine Mammal Care Center is the only hospital in Los Angeles County that cares for sick, injured and orphaned marine mammals, primarily seals and sea lions.   The Care Center is one of the busiest facilities in the country and treats upwards of 500 patients each calendar year.  The staff and volunteers see a variety of patients during the busy spring season, primarily California sea lions and northern elephant seals.  Due to the severity of their illnesses and injuries many of these animals have required extended stays and rehabilitation.

The Foundation for Marine Animal Husbandry is the Care Center’s primary 501 (c) (3) non-profit support organization.  All funds raised through the Foundation for Marine Animal Husbandry directly benefit the operating budget at the Marine Mammal Care Center at Fort MacArthur.

Not only does the Care Center provide treatment for Los Angeles County’s marine mammals, but it also has a multi faceted educational program, teaching the community about local marine life and the ecosystem.

Why they we do what they do:
Rehabilitating these animals is the humane thing to do…however there is also a lot to be learned from treating these animals.  By treating these patients, we are able to learn more about marine life and other endangered species.  Our team is also “oil spill certified” so we are able to handle oil spill treatment should we need to.

How can you help:
Since the Care Center is 100% dependent on donor support, there are many ways to help: general cash donations, Wish List donations (wish list attached) and volunteer help. The Care Center is always looking for volunteers! You must be at least 18years old and able to commit at least one day a week for a year.

If you see an injured or distressed animal that needs help, do not approach it. Just give the lifeguards or local authorities a call, or try the MMCC direct.


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