Transparentsea down days…


We spent 3 leisurely days at Leo Carillo State Park, surfing, camping and having an incredible time around campfires all together. It was mellow and gentle. The ocean was relatively gentle and cold. I celebrated my 26th lap around the sun (hear a song about it here: day-8-lap-of-the-sun) learning about the deteriorating health of the Malibu Lagoon, surfing one of the most perfect longboard waves in the world, and in the presence of some of the most beautiful, talented, generally wonderful humans I know. The camaraderie has been so warm and loving amongst the 20 or so of us, we are getting better and better at operating as one mobile unit.

Leo Carillo, a beautiful coastal canyon, was filled with fat squirrels, a big embracing oak tree for us to have dinner beneath, dessert tarot card readings for all, little rocky point waves, kelp monsters, rainy mornings, clear days and lots of connecting.

After a big sailing day on day four, it was a pleasure to be mostly on land, to appreciate terra firma fully for a few days. Grounding.

And then day nine came (so quickly) and, enticed by the full moon, we decided to sail a short (10 mile) leg to nearby Little Dume, to prepare to make the big crossing across the Santa Monica Bay. As midnight approached we packed up a few supplies for the gentle moonlit journey and sailed off into silvery moonlight…


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