Transparentsea: LA Harbor

L.A. Harbor (photo: Dawe)
A driving motive of the TransparantSea campaign is to enable a collective voice for surfers and fellow ocean lovers to speak to the larger community. The group chose one of the world’s busiest shipping ports, Los Angeles Harbor, as the backdrop for their latest message; congratulating the state of California for recent bans placed on shark-finning and creation of Marine Protection Areas, while simultaneously calling for Obama to act on behalf of the US Government to place pressure on other nations to end whaling.
“The American Government needs to make positive steps towards banning commercial whaling worldwide, this country is very powerful and has the ability to make this call and if America takes the lead in this direction then many other countries will follow and that’s a great opportunity,” explained Rasta.

 Above: Chadd konig crossing the L.A. Harbor channel. (photo: Dawe)

Above: Seals hanging out L.A. Harbor (photo: Dawe)

Above: Morat, goofing around with the map, pretending to be lost in one of the world’s busiest ports, LA Harbor (Photo: Daw


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