smiles for miles

The North Shore can be an intimidating place. With a reputation for the most powerful, shallowest surf and some of the most testosterone drenched line-ups in all the world, it’s not always the most inviting place to ride waves. But sometimes it is. Apparently it’s the “worst” winter surf season “ever” and I can’t say that I’m not loving it. By “worst” they mean the North Shore has been lacking consistently deadly surf. Fine by me. I don’t prefer treacherous surfing.
Anyway, I’ve been enjoying the “flat” days on the North Shore this year, especially with my good friend Crystal Thornburg-Homcy, who has been kind enough to share her surf mats around. Here are a couple of shots from one death defying day at Backdoor.

*Photos by excellently sweet young Aussie photographer

Duncan MacFarlane


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