Raglan, New Zealand + Maui’s Dolphin Day

another precious point just up the road…(that will be under threat from large scale sea bed mining)

We couldn’t have had a more glowing welcome to Raglan. After checking in with the folks at Solscape we ran down to Manu Bay, the first point at Raglan on the north island of New Zealand. We saw perfect little peeling lines from up on the hill. Scurrying over the rocks as quickly, but carefully as possible, we made our way into the line-up, shrouded in hanging gray clouds.

Only four others in the line-up. The sun descends and gold saturates all to the West, bleeding into half of sea and sky. The paddle back into the line-up was purely golden– with the exception of black silhouettes (with glowing golden linings). And then, catching perfectly reeling lefts into the cove, we watched as the most vibrant half-orb rainbow trimmed across the gray sky. One way gold, one way rainbowed. And perfect loggin’ lefts to welcome us to this beautiful Bay.


We had the chance to sit down and chat with the crew at Solscape yesterday. Our friends Loren and Aubrey who run Surfers without Borders are running a permaculture workshop here and have amassed an international crew of concerned humans to learn and to experience the sustainable beauty that is Solscape.

We had a great talk about activism and all got to share stories, perspectives and visions for engaged pathways.

We’ve also been preparing for Maui’s Dolphin Day on Saturday, a community gathering to raise awareness about a subspecies of dolphin called Maui’s Dolphin that is critically endangered and genetically isolated to this region. Dave, Chad Konigg and myself are here to support the work of local crew who are working hard to protect this rare species and its habitat. We’ve been reaching out to local schools and area surfers to rally around conservation efforts affecting their most precious playgrounds: area beaches, surf breaks and coastal waters.



  1. Hi Lauren, how’s things? was so awesome to have you, Dave and Chadd over here for Maui Dolphin Day and the KASM protest. Some powerful waves were made that day and the effects really sparked a lot more interest in these two issues.
    Me and my partner Julia were thinking of coming over to Byron for a visit so if you could please send me your email address we’ll get in contact and see if you guys are going to be around.

    Take care and Aroha nui from Aotearoa!


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