Surfer paddles solo to raise awareness about fracking

The coastline between Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara is home to some of the most magical and raw landscapes, sea life and nature California has to offer. Santa Barbara-based surfer/environmentalist Chadd Konig traveled down the coast on a “prone/knee paddle board” for approximately 250 miles. Many regions of this coastline are only accessible by water and will be explored during this journey.

Chadd teamed up with the Environmental Defense Center of Santa Barbara to address this issue. Check out their webpage for more information on “Fracking.”

-Hydraulic Fracking-

-Seismic Testing-


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  1. The documentary Gasland is wonderful and informative. On Friday NPR discussed natural gas exploration and the guy in favor of fracking had a great spin to “energy and jobs” argument. We have to share the proof of poisoned water, rivers, faucets, etc. to prevent fracking.

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