On Italian women…


I had the pleasure of spending a month in Italy last year. The food, the architecture, the mediterranean…It was incredible. Assuredly, you’ve heard about the many high notes of Italy before.

Surfing culture there is so interesting, though. With surfing being such a relatively new pursuit, the culture is imbibed with a giddy exuberance that never dulls.  Surfing there is also still exceptionally counter-culture. That is, counter to the assumed polished and refined image of what it means to be Italian that we all have in mind from Italian couture and high fashion brands. The shaggy haired, bare-footed, guided by the tides hippie surfer look is seriously novel.

I found Italy to be quite traditional. In many ways, this is wonderful. Tuscany, for example, is a burgeoning organic farming hub because of the strength of community in banding together against conventional farming methods. Tradition there is winning over efficiency and mechanization. How wonderful!

But, in the line-ups there were hardly any women—the odd one or two. It was very clearly a domain predominated by men.

That’s why I was so stoked to see this little film clip of three amazing Italian women lady sliders. The Italian women that I know are passionate, warm and stylish. I can’t wait to see what they bring to the table of (Italian) surfing culture as it grows…

Seea babes 2
Images from theSeea.com

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