Moore of this, please

“Find what makes you happy, and do it. And find who makes you happy, and be with them.”  – Carissa Moore

I’ve always loved Carissa Moore; she of rare Surfer Magazine cover (one of two women ever to be on the cover, I think? Lisa was the other).

She’s an incredible surfer. So powerful and smooth. And she just couldn’t be any more humble and genuine. Though still young, I dare to call her a woman surfer (not just a girl).



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  1. LOVE Carissa Moore…she’s refreshingly honest and not afraid of showing her vulnerability or rocking the boat.

    As I’m sure you’ve probably read- she’s blogged about her struggles with body image, and her tongue in cheek speech at the 2011 surfer poll awards- dedicating her award to Dusty Payne was both classic and brave (She credited him with adding fire to her belly after he wrote off the standard of female surfing in the film Lost Atlas).

    I really enjoy your blog posts Lauren- it’s so rad to get a fresh female perspective in an industry which focuses it’s media output toward a male audience.

    Keep up the unreal work!

    Alicia 🙂

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